TEVA - The great escape
Project Details
Client – VICE Netherlands & TEVA
Film Production Company – Matemade

Brand marketing manager – Nina Moerdijk
Directed by – Ruurd Vulink
Cast – Allie Taylor
Producer (Vice) – Koen Barnhard
Account manager (VICE) – Anne sophie Erbé
Producer (Matemade) – Niels Gross
Director of Photography – Rakhal Heijtel
Executive producer – George Daskalopoulos
Editor – Ruurd Vulink

Allie Taylor takes us on her ‘Great Escape’.

Now more than ever, people are preferring to identify not with a single activity… but rather as a general lover of the outdoors and a liver of an active lifestyle. Allie Taylor takes us on her ‘Great Escape’, exploring the smallest cities and biggest mountains of Greece.

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