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Red Bull -City Highline
Project Details
Client – Red Bull NL & Red Bull Media House

Video Production Company – Matemade

Director – Rakhal Heijtel
Producer – Niels Gross
Camera Operator – Ruurd Vulink
Camera Operator – Melvyn Connel
Camera Operator – Yob van der Vliet
Camera Operator – Hessel Stuut
Camera Operator – Ijen Tervooren
Aerial Cinematrograppy – Kiwi Aerials
Editors – Aaron van Blooijs & Ruurd Vulink
Online editor – Niels Gross
Coloring – Toma Kezic

Slackliner Jaan Roose completes 625 m river crossing between highest buildings in Rotterdam.

Matemade captured his mind-bending thriller in the sky

In ‘City Highline’, Roose tantalizingly edged his way over the busiest river in The Netherlands to accomplish one of the steepest and longest urban slackline walks ever attempted. Walking on a slackline just 2cm wide and, at a certain section, a steepness of around 24%, the people of Rotterdam truly witnessed something spectacular.

The content had massive global impact. Within the first 24-hours the film got 300+ TV hits on 85+ different channels and 150+ Online hits. In an era where paid-media is almost the only way to push content, ‘City Highline’ went far beyond the reach of standard non-paid content.

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