Red Bull -Unlocking the Netherlands
Project Details
Client – Red Bull Media House

Film Production Company – Matemade

Regional Content Manager – Thijs Engelbertink
Red Bull production manager – Wouter de Wolf
Creative Directors – Ruurd Vulink & Rakhal Heijtel
Producer – Niels Gross
Camera operators – Rakhal Heijtel, Ruurd Vulink, Niels Gross, Koen Brinkman
Edit – Ruurd Vulink

Winching the Dutch Waters

Five wakeboarders, Massimiliano Piffaretti, Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgii, Max van Helvoort and Sam de Haan, take a trip through the Netherlands, accompanied by Matemade’s filmmakers, to discover spots that have never been ridden before. From the bustling canals of Giethoorn to famous locations across the country, this nine-minute film showcases their thrilling exploits.

“The Dutch waters have ulimited potential…!”

Watch the full story below!

Dutch wakeboarders Max van Helvoort and Sam de Haan invited three of their European wakeboarding friends for the vacation of a lifetime, right in the Netherlands. Armed with a powerful winch, they traveled across the country for two weeks, searching for the best wakeboarding spots. Using the winch, which doesn’t rely on a boat, allowed them to reach the most extreme locations. For example, they ventured into the Amsterdam canals to perform next-level slides over the quays, providing tourists with an extraordinary story from their visit to Amsterdam

The Rotterdam’s Old Harbor also experienced the action, as the wakeboarders performed amidst the boats, treating onlookers at the terraces to impressive sprays..

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