KLM - Journeys of Inspiration
Project Details
Client – KLM
Film Production Company – Matemade

Directed by – Rakhal Heijtel, Ruurd vulink, Yannick de jager
Director of Photography – Rakhal Heijtel & Ruurd vulink
Edit – Ruurd vulink
Copywriter – Yannick de Jager
Voiceover – Boet Schouwink

Matemade created a series of destintion films for Royal Dutch Airline KLM’s new surfboard bagagepolicy.


Portugal’s capital Lisbon is one of the most soulful places in the world characterized by a vibrant culture and historical treasures. Discover the pitoresque city being surrounded by breathtaking beaches and stunning cliffs inviting you to catch the waves.


The island Bali is a paradise on Earth, not only for surfers who like to catch the waves during the day and party at night. Be enchanted by the natural diversity of this tropical island, the open-minded people and delicious food


With its divine polar lights and breathtaking views Norway will keep surprising you – also as undiscovered surfer paradise. View the magnificent landscape, amazing cliffs and crystal-clear fjords being absolutely worth visiting.

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