Sports documentary production agency

Sports documentary production agency

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When you choose Matemade as your sports documentary production agency, you’re not just hiring a team; you’re partnering with storytellers who bring your athletic narratives to life. Our agency, based in Amsterdam and Lisbon, is dedicated to sports documentary production, crafting compelling stories that delve deep into the heart of athleticism, personal triumphs, and the unyielding spirit of sports. With every project, our sports documentary production agency aims to capture the essence of the sport and its impact on both players and fans.

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The Advantages of a Specialized Sports Documentary Production Agency

Utilizing a specialized sports documentary production agency brings numerous benefits to your project. Our expertise in branded content production ensures that your sports documentary not only entertains but also aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives, enhancing brand visibility and audience engagement. Additionally, our extensive experience in outdoor video production allows us to capture outdoor scenes with the utmost precision and care, ensuring high-quality visuals that are as thrilling as the sports themselves. This specific focus on sports content allows for a nuanced portrayal of events, including action-shots, offering viewers an immersive experience.

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    Score a Goal with Your Documentary

    Hiring our video production company ensures a successful outcome, as we bring expertise, passion, and a tailored approach to each documentary. Whether showcasing legendary sports figures, historic games, or behind-the-scenes actions, our team is ready to help you tell these stories with the impact they deserve. Let’s discuss how we can make your documentary a memorable and influential piece. Give us a call today to explore the full capabilities of our sports documentary production agency.


    Matemade was born collaborative. We love ideas. Wether an intricate vision or a doodle on your mind, wether delivered on a confidential PDF or on a open Google doc, we love nurturing ideas all the way into production. But ideas are volatile stuff. Our concept development usually involves storyboards, animatics, pre-edits and whatever it takes to reassure the best final product.
    Small crews or large commercial sets, we offer full-service, scalable production units for high quality content. From concept development to final distribution and everything in between.
    Seamlessly orchestrating cinematography with concept, production and lighting department, we have build an infamous reputation for doing whatever it takes to capture that damn perfect shot. And whether you want to capture the seasons changing throughout or merge studio with outdoor shoots, we know no two projects are the same.
    Post Production
    While we love filming, it’s only half the picture. Adding up to our core in-house services in Amsterdam that include ingestion, workflows, editing, sfx and mastering, we regularly outsource the unparalleled talent of our close-knit global community (i.e: colourists). Small pieces, big picture.

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