Nomad Outdoor - 2022 Campaign
Project Details
Client – Nomad
Film Production Company – Matemade

Concept – Hugo Rutter
Client Producer – Laura vrieswijk
Creative director – Ruurd vulink
producer – Niels gross
Edit – Ruurd vulink
Copy writer – Leon golterman
Music – Shout

Like the original nomads, we still love to move around, if not more than ever.

< p class= "has animation" data-delyay="0". That’s why we invited true wanderers from around the world to share their stories with us. Here’s what they filmed themselves, while traveling with their favorite NOMAD gear!

Creating a seasonal campaign film doesn’t require travelling the globe with a large cast and crew! For outdoor brand Nomad we produced a sustainable brand film that evolves around the traveler. Nomad allows you to travel freely. Close to home, far away, regardless of the circumstances. In the midst the covid pandemic we were challenged to produce this film on a global scale. We deepened the creative concept and set up a multimedia production plan. Smartly making use of our worldwide network of mates, we were able to shoot footage in 10+ different countries portraying a diverse group of travelers amongst contrasting environments. All while making sure everyone stayed safe considering covid regulations. A custom-made music track and voiceover aim to stimulate the feeling of adventurous travelling both in natural and urban settings.

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