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Mr Marvis xSenatori

Project Details
Client – Mr Marvis
Film Production Company – Matemade

Creative director (Mr Marvis) – PATRICK Maase
Director of photography – Niels Gross
Producer (Mr Marvis) – Ruth Lohuis
Edit – Niels Gross
Music – Maatwerk Records

The search for the perfect coffee

We are excited to present to you a very special collaboration. Together with MR MARVIS and Dutch-Italian artist Selwyn Senatori, MR Marvis has created a limited edition of their iconic Originals short. Matemade captured Senatori’s trip to Italy which turned out to be “the perfect coffee break”. The artist’s presonal credo is “out of office forever”, so there was plenty time to search for – an find – the perfect coffee at the perfect spot in his motherland; coffee-loving Italy. Senatori & MR MARVIS invite you to join the quest fo find the best coffee enjoyed at the most stunning spot in the world. Join us in a sea-plane GEGE, the vintage Fiat 500 Gamine Vignale and potentially the prettiest speedboat in the world. Meet the people who guided us; from Cesare to enrico. And experience the spots we visited on this journey: From Aero Club Como to villag Regina aka The Lake Queen. Feel like you are on a the roof terrace of the most gracefull villa of Lake Como taking a sip of a perfect coffee. Experience ’the perfect coffee break’ youreself.

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