Adidas - Global Sports week
Project Details
Client – Adidas
Video Production Company – Matemade

Camera Operator – Koen Brinkman
Camera Operator – Tijl Bluijs
Edit – Yob van der Vliet
Edit – Brandon Gervacio
Sound Recordist – Sjoerd Jansen
Photography – Sophie Mylou

Adidas is breaking bariers

Transforming sport into a force for good starts with getting the right people together to take on the task. Global Sports Week is an international gathering dedicated to shaping, shaking, and sharing the future of sports. Global Sports Week set out to address some of the big topics in sports, including sustainability and inclusivity.

Matemade was asked by Adidas to capture the gettogether of changemakers and progressive leaders in the industry. As GSW’s representing partner, Adidas is on a mission to help the breakdown of barriers to sports and physical activity for women and girls throughout Europe.

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