adidas -Breaking Barriers
Project Details
Client – adidas & 17 Sports
Video Production Company – Matemade

Created by – Matemade
Photography – Sigrid Keidel, Shannon Kanhai, Sophie Crist

Trough sports we have the power to change lives.

The world of sport is unequal. Seeking to confront this unjust reality, adidas is taking action to level the playing field – starting with tackling gender inequality. The #LetsBreakBarriers campaign tells the stories of the inspiring Breaking Barriers Champions – the girls and women who are driving impact within their communities. A rallying call for collaborative action, the campaign is aspirational and solution-focused – in line with the brand sentiment that impossible is nothing.

Matemade was tasked by adidas to work on creative concept, production and post production. Deliverables included 5 short films, multi porpuse photography and a series of social media videos.

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