Volodya Voronin


Volodya Voronin’s journey began at the age of 13 or 14, when he and his friends started exploring abandoned buildings in their area. This is where his passion for parkour and photography was ignited.

Equipped with a parent’s old camera, Volodya would scale rooftops and capture breathtaking shots against the backdrop of sunsets or perform daring backflips for that perfect image. Over time, he transformed this pastime into a dedicated specialty. With the evolution of technology, Volodya honed his photography skills and gained valuable experience.

Volodya remains the same adventurous soul, leaping across rooftops to photograph his friends. He identifies as an extreme photographer, thanks to his parkour abilities that grant him access to unique vantage points and hidden treasures.

In his eyes, the real heroes of our world are professional athletes who go beyond human physical capabilities. Volodya is the one behind the lens, documenting their finest moments. These athletes devote their lives to training, overcoming financial constraints, injuries, and a lack of opportunities. Their unwavering determination and mental fortitude are what inspire Volodya the most.


Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Asterweg 81, 1031 HM Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 41 30 78 15