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From Amsterdam to Amsterdam

Scotch & Soda

Amsterdam. Is it a place or a state of mind? We went around the world to figure it out. The journey behind the campaign.


What a ride so far!

I think we can say we have put Amsterdam South Africa on the map!

Really, it was challenging but at the end everything went really well! Basically Amsterdam is one big 'connection' street based between the mountains of the Mpumalanga area. You can find 3 gas stations, eat fish and chips and move on. Its a traffic point between a few villages but at the same time pretty charming too. It isn't a city to fall in love with for the first time but for the one who knows, its alive!!!

The 'Amsterdammers' mostly work at farms. We got best of both. Country side and city shots. Imagine; there was a place called; Postkantoor! We spoke with the postman and took a stunning film shot of him arriving on his bike wearing S&S... Those things that are so unique but recognizable for each amsterdammer.

Many more stories to tell :)


Amsterdam Island, A mission itself!

Two days of traveling from Africa to Jakarta, tree continental flights, a massive car drive which finally brought us to Werur Village - West Papua. The village where our local contact is based and who was willing to help us to get to Amsterdam Island.

Once we arrived in Sorong two persons where waiting for us. Mr. Bass; our producer/translator from Bali and Mr. Edy; a stranger from West Papua. Edy arranged an impressive 4 x 4 pickup which set tone for our journey! From the moment we started driving we lost any form of connection to the civilised world and had to hope our plan would work out... Our camera batteries where fully charged so the mission was getting asap to the island, shoot the must haves and the rest is extra!

After a full day of driving we had a warm welcome at the Werur village and were invited to sleep in the house of Edy's family, in one family sleeping room, together with the whole family! Haha, absolutely back to basic. There was no form of tourism, signal or electricity.

Back to the mission: Amsterdam island.

The second day we woke up before sunrise and set sail to Amsterdam island in a "longtail boat". From the point of departure you coulee see Amsterdam in the distance, beautiful! The boat ride felt like 45 mintus of meditation!

Yes!!! We arrived safe at Amsterdam island but suddenly the weather changed from clear skies to cyclone weather. We decided to launch the drone quickly, took the shots (which turned out amazing) and said a surprised hello to a family that lives on Amsterdam. (The pictures will tell you what living means).

After some island talk (with a lot of translation) the locals told us that it was rain season and that the rain/stormy weather would stay for the next days. Luckily, we had our must have shots and started to work with the rain when possible. Initially not a ideal picture perfect for an island shoot but we think some of the footage turned out really authentic. During the shoot, we were excited and shot as much as possible. (Basically, the whole sequence of aerials, film and stills).


“Are you lost stranger?”

“Hi, we are from Amsterdam, you are a Amsterdammer too, right”

SS – USA-35

We think that sums up Amsterdam, USA. A hidden town between the hills of Ohio.

Saying “Hi, we are from Amsterdam, you are a Amsterdammer too, right” basically gave us permission do whatever we felt like to feel at home.


Directed & Shot by Rakhal Heijtel & Ruurd Vulink
Creative Director Paulo Martins
Head of Brand Marketing Ozlem Birkalan
Executive Producer Erika Vocking
Matemade Producer Niels Gross
Post Production Matemade