Javi Garcia

Javi Garcia

Javi Garcia is a nature and adventure photographer and filmmaker from Spain. Born in 1993, in Castellon, a small city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. He developed a great passion for nature at a very young age, especially for the oceans.

He started his photography career as a hobby, while he was studying his chemistry degree. After working for a while in the industry, his passion for photography and the ocean made him take a life changing decision. He quit his job and begin his career as a professional photographer.

In his photography, Javi always looks for unique perspectives, both in and out of water. And his purpose is always looking for share with the rest of the world the beauty of nature, so more and more people became aware of the importance to take care of it.

Javi’s work is also available to buy as a print. Visit the Matemade store below.


Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Asterweg 81, 1031 HM Amsterdam
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