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Client: Classroom of Hope

Date: 28/05/2015


A story by Duncan Ward. “Anything can start from a thought". The death of Duncan's brother led Duncan to a chance meeting with an ex-Cambodian child slave named Racky. This chance meeting showed Duncan his life's purpose - helping the world's most underprivileged children gain access to life-changing education. Duncan promised Racky that he would come back one day and help him realise his dream of developing rural primary schools. 
It was a promise of hope. When actions are fuelled by hope, courage, belief and passion, anything is possible.
Written and Directed by: Rakhal Heijtel & Ruurd Vulink. 
Director of Photography: Rakhal Heijtel. 
Editor: Ruurd Vulink. Music: ''Tony Anderson- Diana''
 Audiomix by Jorrit Kleijnen- Paraphrase. Camera equipment sponsored by: Cam a Lot. 
Captured on a Sony Nex FS100.